In February the Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) attended Martin Middle School and presented the organization’s current robotics projects.

TSU Outreach Program—Calculus for 9th Graders with Dr.’s Handy and Bobrovnyk.


TSU’s Dr. Harvey and high school students attending Summer Workshop in Health Physics.


September 2014 inaugural meeting of ONR STEM Program participants.


UTSA’s Dr. Guo with Bryan Gamboa and signed ONR commitment letter.


UTSA student Brady Emokpae working with Dr. Bartlett at UT Applied Research Lab.


UT Jose Shiloh presenting a poster at the Society of Hispanic Professionals.


UT student Richard Lara during his second summer as an intern at Argonne National Lab  working on a pulse millimeter wave project.


FMU’s Dr. Tamalis  and Ckeurcheley Leblanc  performing radiation detection experiments at the UT Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab.





FMU student Patrice Burrows performing experiments with the UT Mechanical Engineering Fire Research Group.



Summer 2015 interns and mentors at UT.



HT student learning about DNA sequencing at UT Austin.



logo of the Office of Naval Research


Office of Naval Research Employment Initiative

seal of the United States Navy

Welcome to the ONR STEM Program

The Unified Approach to Increase STEM Undergraduate Students Employment in the Department of the Navy was initiated in September 2014. The mission of the program is to encourage underrepresented undergraduate students in science and engineering to seek employment in military and civilian positions in the Office of Naval Research and the Department of the Navy.

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