exterior view of NETL building view of NETL reactor core

Tour Request

A tour request can be sent by e-mail to the NETL Administrative Associate, Dana Judson, at djudson@mail.utexas.edu. The request should include information about the group, including affiliation, any specific areas of interest, and number of attendees. Upon receipt of the request, the NETL Staff will evaluate whether the tour can be accommodated with available resources considering previous commitments, academic schedule, and research demands.  If you have not received a confirmation that the tour date is acceptable or been notified that an alternate tour date/time will be necessary within 3 working days, please contact Dana at 512-232-5370.

It is important to note that, with a few exceptions identified  in the Code of Federal regulations 10CFR73, visitors 18 and older are required to be cleared via background check.  The signed background check  form for each individual who will be visiting the facility is required to initiate the check.  This process typically takes a couple of days, but can require as long as 2 weeks to complete in certain circumstances.  The completed and signed request for a background check should be faxed to the NETL at   512-471-4589 (not to the number on the form) well in advance of the scheduled tour date.  Please be sure handwritten forms are legible.

If you have not received notification that a tour can be arranged, or if you do not have a background check that indicates you are not a security risk, you will not be permitted to tour the NETL.

Request for Operation

A Request for Operation is required for each experiment performed at the NETL.  Experiments are categorized as Class A, B or C to determine the level and type of review, and personnel requirements. Class A experiments are conducted under supervision of a Senior Reactor Operator, and include modification or calibration of the ICS, non-routine reactivity changes, changes to radiation shielding & beam port experiments, and special projects such as the Texas Cold Neutron Source.  Class B experiments include routine operations for training and demonstrations, neutron activation, isotope production, and other reactor core exposures.  Class C experiments are non reactor experiments such as use of the sub critical assembly or neutron generator.

Internal/Restricted Access

If you need access to the following items posted with restricted access, contact NETL Staff.

  • Pocket Dosimeter Log (under construction)
  • Facility Operating License
  • Safety Analysis Report
  • Technical Specifications
  • Procedures
  • Emergency Plan
  • Calendar/Schedule