The Navy, Nuclear Navy and Marine Corps need critical technologies and personnel to develop, fabricate and deploy various systems for their missions. Throughout the USA there is a continued lack of qualified students entering STEM educational areas. While many US industries can hire non-US citizens in science and engineering, this luxury cannot be afforded to vast areas of the Department of the Navy (DoN) and national security positions. It is important for US or naturalized citizens to enter STEM education. This program involves undergraduate US citizens from three HBCUs and one minority serving institutions (MSIs): Florida Memorial University, Huston Tillotson University, Texas Southern University, and University of Texas at San Antonio. Underrepresented students from the University of Texas at Austin also participate in the program.  Students are selected by their respective universities.  They are given scholarships and/or research opportunities that help develop their critical thinking and technical abilities needed to support the DoN’s mission.  Students also receive the mentoring of Mr. Ed Tovar, former marine, who explains the opportunities available to them in the DoN, leads field trips to naval institutions.