The NETL can support reactor operator training, general nuclear reactor training and orientation, engineering education, and training on specific aspects of capabilities used a the facility such as gamma spectroscopy.

Personnel responsible for manipulating the controls of a nuclear reactor licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) are required to hold a license.  The USNRC conducts written and practical examination of license candidates for the NETL reactor, and the NETL has a rigorous training program to ensure the candidates are ready for the examinations. While the NETL training is facility specific, the experience can support commercial nuclear power plant reactor operator candidates in preparing for license examination.  NETL facility staff has supported student preparation for USNRC General Fundamentals Examination of license candidates, and for license examination.

Nuclear and Radiation engineering faculty conduct courses in engineering measurement of reactor characteristics and health physics/radiological controls.  Much of this academic effort applies directly to fulfilling requirements for license and certification, or to job functions in nuclear-related industries.