Services provided by the NETL are available to researchers at the University of Texas, other State and regional institutions, and industry.  Major areas of emphasis for NETL include training and education, measuring the distribution of elements in a material, elemental analysis, and imaging with neutrons. Some measurement sensitivities and some specifications are provided below, with more comprehensive descriptions of each capability and technique on individual pages.  If you are interested in exploring the use of NETL capabilities in research or industrial activities, please contact NETL staff.

chart of naa detection limits with limit in left column, elements for delayed naa in the middle column, and elements for prompt gamma activation analysis on the right


chart of ndp sensitivity showing reaction, abundance, enegery of emitted particles, useful range of silicon, cross section, and detection limit



chart of beam port fluxes with beam ports in the left column, usage in the middle, and flux on the right