Doctoral Degrees awarded since 1993

Date Student Professor Title
Summer 2017 Margaret Byers S. Landsberger
Neutron Activation Analysis Method for the Quantification of Biofouling Mitigation for the Recovery of Uranium from Seawater
Summer 2017 Cem Bagdatlioglu S. Landsberger A Hybrid Global Surrogate Modeling Software for Nuclear Reactor Cross Section Estimation
Spring 2017 William Wilson S. Biegalski Advancements in Radionuclide Monitoring Technologies used to Detect Indications of Nuclear Explosions
Spring 2017 Matthew Paul S. Biegalski Transport and Sorption of Noble Gases in Porous Geological Media
Fall 2016 Andrew Zelenak S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Nonlinear Control by Switched Lyapunov Function
Fall 2016 Christine Johnson S. Biegalski Radioactive Xenon and Argon Production and Transport in the Environment
Spring 2016 Bonnie Canion S. Landsberger
S. McConchie
Incorporation of Photon Analysis into an Active Interrogation System for Shielded Uranium Characterization
Fall 2015 Robert Flanagan E. Schneider Novel Methods for Generalizing Nuclear Fuel Design and Fuel Burnup Modeling
Fall 2015 Joseph Hashem S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Automating X-Ray and Neutron Imaging Applications with Flexible Automation
Summer 2015 Kenny Dayman S. Biegalski Determination of Independent and Cumulative Fission Product Yields with Gamma Spectrometry
Spring 2015 Franziska Klingberg S. Biegalski Production and Analysis of Traditional and Non-Traditional Radioxenon Isotopes
Fall 2014 Andrew Gilbert M. Deinert Noninvasive Material Discrimination Using Spectral Radiography and an Inverse Problem Approach
Spring 2014 Alex Fay S. Biegalski Characterization of Sources of Radioargon in a Research Reactor
Spring 2014 Kelli Silverstrim E. Schneider Image Optimization in Digital Dental Radiography
Summer 2013 Alex Brand E. Schneider Development of Thermal Hydraulic Correlations for the University of Texas at Austin TRIGA Reactor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and In-Core Measurements
Summer 2013 Rebecca Ward E. Schneider A Game Theoretic Approach to Nuclear Safeguards Selection and Optimization
Summer 2013 Joseph G. Graham S. Landsberger
P. Ferreira
A Study of the Ferroelectric Properties of Neutron Irradiated Lead Zirconate Titanate
Summer 2013 Kyle Schroeder S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Requirements for Effective Collision Detection on Industrial Serial Manipulators
Summer 2013 Joshua Williams S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Automated Conceptual Design of Manufacturing Workcells in Radioactive Environments
Summer 2013 Justin Lowery S. Biegalski Subsurface Radioactive Gas Transport and Release Studies using the UTEX Model
Summer 2013 Christopher Ainslie van der Hoeven E. Schneider Generation of High Fidelity Covariance Data Sets for the Natural Molybdenum Isotopes Including a Series of Molybdenum Sensitive Critical Experiment Designs
Summer 2013 Hirotatsu Armstrong E. Schneider A Generalized Method for Rapid Analysis of Active Interrogation Systems for Detection of Special Nuclear Material
Spring 2013 Roger Kapsimalis S. Landsberger The Simultaneous Quantification of Fissile U and Pu Nuclides using Delayed Neutron Activation Analysis
Spring 2013 Steven Horne S. Landsberger
K. Jackman
Multispectral Gamma-Ray Analysis Using Clover Detectors
Spring 2013 Brian O'Neil S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Object Recognition and Pose Estimation for Manipulation in Nuclear Materials Handling Applications
Fall 2012 Edward Artnak S. Biegalski Development and Assessment of CFD Models Including a Supplemental Program Code for Analyzing Buoyancy-Driven Flows Through BWR Fuel Assemblies in SFP Complete LOCA Scenarios
Summer 2012 Christine Egnatuk S. Biegalski Radioargon Production at The University of Texas at Austin
Fall 2011 Anthony Scopatz E. Schneider A Generalized Physics-Based Model for Reactor and Fuel Cycle System Simulation
Summer 2011 Greg Thoreson E. Schneider A General Nuclear Smuggling Threat Scenario Analysis Platform
Summer 2011 Joshua Peterson E. Schneider The Utilization of Perturbation Theory for Automation of Advanced Test Reactor Startup Shim Rotation Prediction
Spring 2011 Jordan Weaver S. Biegalski
S. Landsberger
PYRAMDS (Python for Radioisotope Analysis with Multi-Detector Systems) Code Used in Fission Product Detection Limit Improvements
Fall 2010 Mark Smith S. Landsberger
S. Biegalski
Potential Induced Activity in Medical Devices Sterilized with Electron Beam Irradiation as a Function of Electron Energy
Fall 2010 Felicia Duran S. Landsberger Probabilistic Basis and Assessment Methodology for Effectiveness of Protecting Nuclear Materials
Spring 2010 Angela Chambers S. Biegalski A Comparison of Nuclide Production and Depletion using MCNPX and ORIGEN-ARP Reactor Models and a Sensitivity Study of Reactor Design Parameters Using MCNPX for Nuclear Forensics Purposes
Summer 2008 David Allen McClintock S. Landsberger
D. Hoelzer
Mechanical Properties of an Irradiated Nanocluster Strengthened High -Chromium Ferritic Alloy
Summer 2008 Jon Braisted E. Schneider Design and Characterization of an Irradiation
Facility with Real-Time Monitoring
Summer 2008 Derek Haas S. Biegalski Producing Beta-Gamma Coincidence Spectra of Individual Radioxenon Isotopes for Improved Analysis of Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Data
Spring 2008 David Sean O'Kelly S. Biegalski Operation and Reactivity Measurements of an Accelerator Driven Subcritical TRIGA Reactor
Spring 2008 Scott Whitney S. Biegalski Neutron Depth Profiling Benchmarking and Analysis of Applications to Lithium Ion Cell Electrode and Interfacial Studies Research
Spring 2008 George Sayre S. Biegalski Concentration Transport Calculations by an Original C++ Program with Intermediate Fidelity Physics through User-Defined Buildings with an Emphasis on Release Scenarios in Radiological Facilities
Spring 2008 Dustin Reinert S. Biegalski
E. Schneider
Investigation of Stochastic Radiation Transport Methods in Random Heterogeneous Mixtures
Spring 2008 Taylor Green S. Biegalski
E. Schneider
Simulation of Reactor Pulses in Fast Burst and Externally Driven Nuclear Assemblies
Fall 2007 Robert Matavosian E. Schneider Complex Problems Arising in the Collision Probability Theory for Neutron Transport
Fall 2007 Oded Doron S. Biegalski Simulation of an INS Soil Analysis System
Fall 2007 Alex Plionis S. Landsberger Automated Multi-Radionuclide Separation and Analysis with Combined Detection Capability
Summer 2007 Kevin Jackman S. Biegalski A New Semi-Empirical Mesh-Grid Method to Predict Germanium Detector Efficiencies
Summer 2007 Emilio Alvarez A. Manthiram
S. Landsberger
Hydrogen Determination in Chemically Delithiated Lithium Ion Battery
Cathodes by Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis
Spring 2007 Lei Cao S. Biegalski Development of a High Spatial Resolution Neutron Imaging System and Performance Evaluation
Fall 2006 Cheryl Olson S. Landsberger
M. Murray
Determination of the Internal Exposure Hazard from Plutonium - Work in an Open Front Hood
Summer 2006 Stephen Christian
S. Biegalski Development and Implementation of a Finite Element Solution of the Coupled Neutron Transport and Thermoelastic Equations Governing the Behavior of Small Nuclear Assemblies
Spring 2005 Lisa Ramirez S. Landsberger
L. Wielopolski
Feasibility Study of In Vivo Partial Body Potassium Determination in the Human Body Using Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
Fall 2004 Art Crawford S. Biegalski Evaluation of the Impact of Non-Uniform Neutron Radiation Fields on the Dose Received by Glove Box Radiation Workers
Summer 2003 Sukesh Aghara W. Charlton Characterization of an In-Core Irradiator for Testing of Microelectronics in Mixed Radiation Environment
Spring 2003 Daniel J. Dorsey W. Charlton Development of Neutron Beam Analytical Techniques for Characterization of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Spring 2003 Georgeta Radulescu S. Landsberger
J. Tang
Automated Variance Reduction for Monte Carlo Shielding Analyses with MCNP
Fall 2002 Shamsuzzoha Basunia S. Landsberger Characterization of Finnish Arctic Aerosols and Receptor Modeling
Spring 2002 David Dodoo-Amoo S. Landsberger Development of Composite Materials for Non-Leaded Gloves for Use in Radiological Hand Protection
Fall 2001 Linda Diane Vickers W. Charlton Radiological Dose Analysis of Target Materials for Accelerator Transmutation of Waste (ATW) Applications
Fall 2001 Lisa Rene Vickers W. Charlton Estimate of Radiation-Induced Steel Embrittlement in the BWR Core Shroud and Vessel Wall from Reactor-Grade MOX/UOX Fuel for the Nuclear Power Plant at Laguna Verde, Veracruz, Mexico
Summer 2001 Mohamed Elsawi N. Abdurrahman Asymptotic Analysis of the Spatial Weights of the Arbitrarily High Order Transport Method
Fall 2000 Sinan Goktepeli B. Wehring Positron Research at the University of Texas at Austin
Fall 2000 Magdy Abdelrahman N. Abdurrahman Scattering Correction and Image Restoration in Neutron and Radiography and Computed Tomography
Spring 2000 Nanette L. Fairrow B. Wehring Active Interrogation of Highly Enriched Uranium
Spring 2000 Steven J. Manson D. Klein Numerical Analysis of Two Dimensional Natural Convection Heat Transfer Following a Contained Explosion
Spring 2000 Mehmet Saglam B. Wehring Alpha Radiation Effects on Weapons Grade Plutonium Encapsulating Materials
Summer 1998 Young Gyun Jo N. Abdurrahman Development of a Thermal Neutron Imaging Facility for Real Time Neutron Radiography and Computed Tomography
Summer 1996 Kuo-Pen Cheng B. Wehring Measurement and Calculation of Gamma Dose Localization in Gadolinium Neutron Capture Therapy
Fall 1995 Robert Canaan D. Klein Natural Convection Heat Transfer Within Horizontal Spent Nuclear Fuel Assemblies
Spring 1995 Carlos Rios-Martinez B. Wehring Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis using the Texas Cold Neutron Source
Spring 1995 Hector R. Vega-Carrillo B. Wehring
N. Hertel
Neutron Field Characterization in the Vicinity of a PET Cyclotron
Summer 1993 Jong-Youl Kim B. Wehring Neutron Focussing System for Texas Cold Neutron Source
Spring 1993 Bassel K. Nabelssi N. Hertel Calculations of Dose Equivalent Quantities for High-Energy Neutrons Using Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Phantoms

Masters Degrees awarded since 1993

Date Student Professor Title
Fall 2017 Jose Parga E. Schneider Constrained Black Box Optimization for Radioisotope Thermal Generator Manufacturing
Fall 2017 Jose Shiloh Sanchez S. Landsberger
D. Ward
Radiation Modeling of Novel Insulating and Conductive Materials for SGEMP Applications
Spring 2017 Matthew Horn M. Pryor
S. Landsberger
Quantifying Grasp Quality Using an Inverse Reinforcement Algorithm
Spring 2017 Adam Drescher S. Landsberger Characterization of LaBr3:Ce Detectors in a Gamma-Gamma Coincidence Configuration
Spring 2017 Neal Mann S. Landsberger
J. Butler
Robust Design Optimization of Hybrid Nuclear Thermal Energy Storage Systems Under Electricity Market Uncertainty
Fall 2016 Siqiu Wang S. Landsberger Modeling of NORM Dosimetry in Onshore Oilfields using Monte Carlo Methods
Fall 2016 Raymond Lane E. Schneider Modeling and Integration of Steam Accumulators in Nuclear Steam Supply Systems
Fall 2016 Ben Ebersole S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Skid-Steer Kinematics for Dual-Arm Mobile Manipulator System with Dynamic Center of Gravity
Spring 2016 Adam Allevato S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
An Object  Recognition and Pose Estimation Library for Intelligent Industrial Automation
Spring 2016 Evan Harms E. Schneider Quantification of Divergence in Real and Apparent  Monte Carlo Variances Near Reflectivie Boundaries
Spring 2016 Gregory Sablan S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Modeling Steel Corrosion Failure in Reinforced Concrete Canisters (RMCCs) Containing Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW)
Spring 2016 Alex von Sternberg S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
GCCF: A Generalized Contact Control Framework
Fall 2015 Robert Anderson S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Development of Mobile Platform for Inventory and Inspection Applications in Nuclear Environments
Fall 2015 William Gurecky E. Schneider Development of an MCNP6-ANSYS FLUENT Multiphysics Coupling Capability
Spring 2015 John Metyko S. Landsberger
W. Erwin
Intercomparison of Instrumentation Systems for Verification of 125I Brachytherapy Source Strength for Use in Radioactive Seed Localization Procedures
Summer 2015 Cem Bagdatlioglu E. Schneider Generalizing the Fluence Based Neutron Balance Method Using Spatial Flux Calculations
Summer 2015 Margaret Byers E. Schneider Optimization of the Passive Recovery of Uranium from Seawater
Summer 2015 Jacob Morton S. Landsberger In-Field Determination of 226Ra and 228Ra in the Oil Exploration Sector
Spring 2015 Clinton Peterson S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Industrial Automation and Control in Hazardous Nuclear Environments
Spring 2015 Michael Yoho S. Landsberger Advancements in Coincidence Counting Experimental and Analytical Techniques for the Quantitative Detection of Low-Level Isotopes Relevant to Non-Proliferation Activities in High Dead-Time
Fall 2014 Blake Copple S. Biegalski
S. Landsberger
Industrial Automation and Control in Hazardous Nuclear Environments
Fall 2014 Jack Thompson S. Landsberger
​M. Pryor
Redesigning the Human-Robot Interface: Intuitive Teleoperation of Anthropomorphic Robots
Summer 2014 Urairisa Phathanapirom E. Schneider Nuclear Fuel Cycle Transition Analysis Under Uncertainty
Summer 2014 John Helfand S. Biegalski Short Lived Radionuclide Modeling from Nuclear Weapons Test Sites and Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
Spring 2014 Matt Montgomery S. Biegalski Development of Fast Pneumatic System for the Study of 14 MeV Fission Product Yields
Spring 2014 Harry Linder E. Schneider A Cost Estimate for Uranium Recovery from Seawater Using a Chitin Nanomat Adsorbent
Spring 2014 Cameron Knapp D. Kovar
S. Landsberger
Thermal Characterization of Direct Metal Deposition
Fall 2013 Brian Epping S. Landsberger
G. Leinweber
Neutron Transmissions Capture Yields and Resonance Parameters in the Energy Range of 0.01 eV to 1 keV in Rhenium
Fall 2013 Christine Johnson S. Biegalski Examination of Natural Background Sources of Radioactive Noble Gases with CTBT Significance
Fall 2013 Kirsten McConnell S. Biegalski 14 MeV Neutron Generator Dose Modeling
Fall 2013 Cheryl Brabec S.Landsberger
M. Pryor
A Shape Primitive-Based Grasping Strategy Using Visual Object Recognition in Confined, Hazardous Environments
Spring 2013 A. Zelenak S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
A Compliant Control Law for Industrial, Dual-Arm Manipulators
Fall 2012 J. Hashem S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
The Requirements and Implementation of Dynamically-Deployed Robotic Systems for Use in Confined Hazardous Environments
Fall 2012 Donald Millsap S. Landsberger Evaluation of Nylon 6,6 in Use in Fire Foe™  Suppression Systems within Plutonium Gloveboxes
Fall 2012 Christopher Lu S. Biegalski Determination of Fission Yields Using Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
Fall 2012 Bonnie Canion S. Landsberger Characterization of Volcanic Ash from 2010 Mt Merapi, Indonesia Eruption by Neutron Activation Analysis and Leaching Analysis
Summer 2012 Christopher Dembia M. Deinert A Multi-Region Collision Probability Method for Determining Neutron Spectra and Reaction Rates
Spring 2012 Robert Flanagan E. Schneider The Effects of Isotopic Separation on Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycles
Spring 2012 Kenneth Dayman S. Landsberger Multivariate Analysis Applied to the Characterization of
Spent Nuclear Fuel
Fall 2011 Justin Lowrey S. Biegalski Production and Subsurface Vertical Transport of Radioxenon Resulting from Underground Nuclear Explosions
Fall 2011 Srinivas Sekar M. Deinert Gel Electrophoresis of Trivalent Lanthanide and Actinide Cations
Summer 2011 Brian Parks E. Schneider Development and Validation of Experiment Characterization Methods for the Advanced Test Reactor
Summer 2011 Darshan Sachde (LBJ School of Public Policy) E. Schneider Cost and Energy Balance Analysis of Uranium Extraction from Seawater
Spring 2011 Joseph Graham S. Landsberger Characterization of Neutron Flux Spectra for Radiation Effects Studies
Spring 2011 Steven Horne S. Landsberger Advances in Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy: Compton Suppression and Gamma-Gamma Coincidence
Fall 2010 Kyle Schroeder S. Landsberger and M. Pryor On the Use of Generalized Force Data for Kinematically Controlled Manipulators
Fall 2010 Emily Tavrides E. Schneider Modeling Energy Consumption in the Mining and Milling of Uranium
Fall 2010 Alex Fay S. Biegalski Mitigation of Radioxenon Memory Effect in Beta-Gamma Detector Systems by Deposition of Thin Film Diffusion Barriers on Plastic Scintillator
Fall 2010 Joshua Williams S. Landsberger and M. Pryor Improved Manipulator Configurations for Grasping and Task Completion Based on Manipulability
Summer 2010 Brian O'Neil S.Landsberger and  M. Pryor Graph-Based World-Model for Robotic Manipulation
Spring 2010 Stanley Fitch S. Landsberger Leaching Dynamics of Uranium Ore
Spring 2010 Roger Kapsimalis S. Biegalski Characterization of the Neutron Radiography Facility at Sandia National Laboratories
Spring 2010 Lawrence Bronk M. Deinert Comparative Analysis of Advance Nuclear Fuel Cycles Over Limited Time Horizons
Spring 2010 Rebecca Ward S. Biegalski Comparison of the Phoswich and ARSA-type Detectors for Radioxenon Detection
Spring 2010 Tin-Hei Pun S. Landsberger Determination of Silver Using Cyclic Neutron Activation Analysis
Spring 2010 Andrew Gilbert M. Deinert
C. Hidrovo
Measuring Fluid Phase Change in Capillary Tubes Using Neutron Radiography
Spring 2010 Alexander Brand S. Biegalski Pulsed Neutron Sources for Neutron Activation Analysis of Special Nuclear Materials
Summer 2009 Frederick Thomas E. Schneider A Real Options Approach to the Decision to Develop Generation IV Fast Reactors
Fall 2009 Christine Egnatuk S. Biegalski Identifying Short-Lived Fission Products by Delayed Gamma-Ray Emission
Spring 2009 Greg Thoreson E. Schneider A Framework for Efficient Detection Probability Computation in Smuggled Nuclear Material Interdiction
Spring 2009 Glen Perry S. Biegalski
E. Schneider
Detection on SNM in Water: Investigation of a Fast Neutron Source
Summer 2008 William H. Wilson S. Biegalski Producing Sixteen Bit Neutron Radiographs and Neutron Tomography Models Using the Texas Thermal Neutron Imaging Facility
Summer 2008 Mary C. Ernesti S. Landsberger Neutron Capture and Total Cross-Section Measurements and Resonance Parameters of Dy-164
Spring 2008 Ian C. Whittaker E.Schneider System Modeling of Plutonium Chemical Transformation
Spring 2008 Edward Joseph Artnak S. Biegalski Assessment of Radiation Heat Transfer Models Within FLUENT Flow Modeling Software in Corroboration of MELCOR Package Models and Calibration Experiments: A Qualitative Approach
Spring 2008 Christopher Jordan Weaver S. Biegalski Design of Aerosol Sampler to Remove Radon and Thoron Progeny Interference from Aerosol Samples for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
Fall 2007 Zoe Meyer - Department of Latin American Studies E. Schneider Regional Cooperation on Nuclear Safeguards: An Evaluation of Existing and Proposed Regional Safeguards Regimes and a Proposal for Increased Cooperation in South America
Fall 2007 Anthony Scopatz E. Schneider Recyclable Uranium Options Under the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
Spring 2007 Richard K. Harrison S. Landsberger
A. Manthiram
Determination of Boron in Fuel Cell Catalysts Using Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis
Spring 2007 Winston C. Smith E. Schneider Numerical Simulation of High Velocity Impact of Tungsten and Uranium Projectiles Into Armor
Fall 2006 Gordon Nicholson S. Landsberger Compton Suppression and Nuclear Spectroscopy Techniques
Spring 2006 George Sayre S. Biegalski
S. Landsberger
Modeling the Health Effects to Personnel in an Urban Office Building Following Outdoor and Indoor Dirty Bomb Dispersals
Spring 2006 Scott Whitney S. Biegalski Light-Element Neutron Depth Profiling at the University of Texas
Spring  2006 Taylor Caldwell Green S. Biegalski Simulation and Measurement of Total Flux and Neutron Energy Spectra During RACE Experiments
Spring  2006 Matthew Aldin Griffin S. Landsberger Evaluation of Hypalon and Polyurethane For Use in Plutonium Glovebox Environments
Spring  2006 Derek Anderson Haas S. Biegalski Development of a Neutron Radiography and Computed Tomography Systems at a University Research Reactor
Spring  2006 Dustin Ray Reinert S. Biegalski Bremsstrahlung Intensity Distributions of Pure Beta Emitting Isotopes
Summer 2005 Michael Kenneth Black S. Landsberger A Qualification Methodology that Enables Calibrated Volumes for Optical 3-Dimensional Measurements of Nuclear Weapons Components
Summer 2005 Alex Asterios Plionis S. Landsberger Creating a Robust, Reliable, Reproducible, Automated Electrodeposition System for Analyzing Trace Quantities of Actinides
Summer 2005 Quentin Thomas Newell S. Landsberger Testing and Assessment of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulator (NFCSim) Computer Code
Spring 2005 Victoria Suzanne Pratt K. Foltz-Biegalski
S. Landsberger
Development of Logic for NonProliferation Assessment Tool Software Package
Spring 2005 Emilio Alvarez S. Biegalski Characterization of the University of Texas Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory Beam Port 3 Texas Cold Neutron Source-Prompt Gamma-Ray Activation Analysis Facility
Fall 2004 Kevin Jackman S. Biegalski Monte Carlo Simulations of Germanium Detector Efficiency Curves
Summer 2004 Stephen Wilson S. Biegalski Analysis of Dynamic Fuel Expansion Effects in a Fast Burst Reactor
Summer 2004 Marc Charter S. Biegalski Analysis of Valve Flutter in South Texas Project Circulating Water System
Spring 2004 Oded Doron S. Biegalski Development of a Transport System for the Copper Source of the Texas Intense Positron Source Facility
Spring 2004 John Casey S. Landsberger Minimizing Glovebox Breeches in Plutonium Handling Facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fall 2003 Claudio Andrés Gariazzo W. Charlton
S. Landsberger
Development of a Methodology for the Assessment of International Safeguards on the Commercial Nuclear Fuel Cycles of Argentina and Brazil
Summer 2003 David A. McClintock S. Landsberger Mechanical Properties of Irradiated and Unirradiated High-Chromium Ferritic/Martensitic Steels for Use in Nuclear Applications.
Summer 2003 Kevin Witt W. Charlton Development of a Probabilistic Network Model to Simulate the Smuggling of Nuclear Materials
Spring 2003 James J. Dahl S. Landsberger
S. Biegalski
Effects of Heat Flow Plutonium Metal Combustion:Impacts on Release Fractions for Accident Analysis
Spring 2003 Treavor. Bellandi
(Department of
S. Landsberger
A. Gleeson
Health Physics in a Neutron Activation Analysis Laboratory
Spring 2003 Michael Gregson W. Charlton Full Core Analysis Of ATW Prototype For Nuclear Development Of Cross Section Data For Critical Core Components
Spring 2002 Coy Bryant S. Landsberger
W. Charlton
Developing Computer Models for the UREX Solvent Extraction Process and Performing a Sensitivity Analysis of Variables used for Optimizing Flowsheets for Actinide Transmutation
Spring 2002 Karunesh Pandey W. Charlton Characterization of the Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis System at the University of Texas at Austin
Spring 2002 Lattisha Merritt-Hanson S. Landsberger Health Physics Regulations and Requirements for the State of Texas Linear Accelerators
Fall 2001 Amaury de Lumley W. Charlton Demonstration of the Feasibility of a Nuclear Archeology Methodology
Fall 2001 Eric Chesak S. Landsberger Assessment of Radiological Dosimetry from the Diagnosis and Treatment of Venous Sinus Thrombosis with Intracranial Hemorrhage
Fall 2001 Ryan LeBouf W. Charlton Methodology for Assessing the Proliferation Resistance of Accelerator Transmutation of Waste Technology Options
Spring 2001 Yannick Bercy C. Beard Active Neutron Multiplicity and Monte Carlo Calculations
Spring 2001 Sukesh Aghara C. Beard Feasibility Study of Proliferation Resistant Actinide Based Fuel for Light Water Reactors
Spring 2000 M. Shamsuzzoha Basunia S. Landsberger Heavy Metal Determination and Lead Leaching Dynamics of Soil at the Pantex Firing Range, Amarillo, Texas
Summer 2000 Lisa Marie Ramirez C. Beard Evaluation of the Decoupled BC454/NaI Detector Coincidence System in Detecting Neutrons in a High Gamma Ray Field
Spring 2000 Steve Akwaa Aboagye K. Ball Computational Analysis of Heat Flow Calorimeters
Spring 2000 Thomas Defee S. Landsberger
H. Wheat
A Corrosion Study of AL-R8 (Sealed Insert) Plutonium Storage Containers
Spring 2000 Martin L. Niset B. Wehring Cold Neutron Production Using Cyrogenic Organic Moderator
Summer 1999 Xiaoyun Yang S. Landsberger Protocol to Determine Rare Earth Elements in Geological Reference Materials Using Various Neutron Activation Analysis Techniques and Self-Attenuation Calculations
Summer 1999 Li Zhao J. M. Sanchez
S. Landsberger
Thermodynamics of Beryllium Corrosion
Summer 1998 Hatice Akkurt N. Abdurrahman MCNP Benchmark Calculations for Mixed Oxide Lattices of the Plutonium Program
Summer 1998 Kenneth Schwartz S. Landsberger
C. Beard
Process Modeling of Plutonium Conversion and MOX Fabrication for Plutonium Disposition
Spring 1998 Magdy Abdelrahman N. Abdurrahman UTXS: NJOY Generated MCNP Continuous Neutron Cross Section Libraries for Light Water Reactor Calculations
Spring 1998 Raul Radulescu N. Abdurrahman Pulsed 14-MeV Neutron Generator Facility for Slowing-Down-Time Spectrometry
Summer 1997 Georgetta Radulescu N. Abdurrahman MCNP Critical Benchmarks for Mixed Oxide Lattices of the Saxton Plutonium Program
Summer 1997 William Spiesman N. Abdurrahman A Thermal Neutron Tomography Data Acquisition System
Spring 1997 Ed Reott N. Abdurrahman Mixed Oxide Nuclear Fuel Data Repository
Summer 1996 Brahim Boumakh B. Wehring Positron Source Moderator Design:  Computational Models for Positron Diffusion
Fall 1995 Beth L. Hall B. Wehring Accident Scenario Doses for a Proposed Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility
Summer 1993 Steven J. Manson D. Klein A Homogenous Equilibrium Model for Two-Phase Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of Spent Nuclear Fuel Shipping Containers
Summer 1993 Arnold B. Preece N. Hertel Use of the Genii Computer Code in a Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Performance Assessment Methodology

Masters Reports since 1996

Date Student Professor Title
Spring 2018 Edwin Paredes S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Simplifying Peripheral Integration in ROS for Manufacturing
Spring 2012 Jason Dolloff S. Landsberger Measuring Activity of 235, 238U, 232Th and 40K in Geological Materials Using Neutron Activation Analysis
Spring 2011 Samuel S. Schreiber S. Landsberger Identification of the Radionuclides in Spent Nuclear Fuel that may be Detected by Compton Suppression and Gamma-Gamma Coincidence Methods
Fall 2010 Jose L. Christian S. Landsberger Use of Raw Martian and Lunar Soils for Surface Based Reactor Shielding
Spring 2008 Captain Kelli Silverstrim E. Schneider MCNPX Modeling of X-RAY Spectra
Spring 2004 Sam Noam Schroit S. Landsberger
K. Ball
A Computational Model for the ANL Centrifugal Contactor
Spring 2004 Yanin Sukjai S. Biegalski Time Dependent Modeling of University of Texas TRIGA Mark II Reactor Using MATLAB/SIMULINK
Spring 2001 Sapan Shah S. Landsberger Determination of Photon Self Absorption Fractions for Neutron Activated Rare Earth Elements
Fall 2000 Md. Golam Faruk S. Landsberger Evaluation of the Performance of Inconel Alloy 600 in Molten Salt Oxidation Environment
Spring 2000 John David Gerken S. Landsberger The Current Status and Challenges of Radioactive Waste in the Russian Navy
Spring 1998 Syed Zain Mujaba B. Wehring Optimization of the Cold Neutron Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis Facility at the UT TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor
Summer 1996 Brahim Boumkh N. Abdurrahman Positron Source Moderator Design: Computational Models for Positron Diffusion