Eligibility for TA, AI and RA Appointment

  • Admission to UT without conditions
  • Registration
    * For appointments in Fall or Spring semesters, registration must be a minimum of 9 semester hours.
    * Summer registration changes from year to year.
  • Tuition/fee bill must be paid.
  • Grade Point Average must be a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Allowed only two incomplete grades (X) on record or one incomplete grade (X) and one permanent incomplete (I). An incomplete grade (X) becomes an (I) if not completed in the student's next long term semester of enrollment.
  • Semester limit: Cannot exceed 12 semesters of employment under a student title.
  • Must have an SSN in order to hold an appointment. The student's SSN and student records number must agree.
  • Medical Clearance Requirements must be fulfilled

Maximum Hours of UT Employment

  • First-year Graduate Students - 20 hours per week.
  • U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents - 30 hours per week in the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
  • International Students - 20 hours per week in the Fall and Spring semesters; 30 hours per week in the Summer Semesters

International Teaching Assistant Assessment

TA with Student Contact

To qualify for a TA appointment with student contact (e.g., leading a discussion section or acting as proctor for a laboratory), international students must pass and complete the Oral English Assessment and attend the ITA Orientation prior to appointment. If a conditional pass is received in the Oral English Assessment, student must register for the ITA Course on Communication and Culture for University Teaching in the semester in which appointed as TA. Failure to do so will invalidate the TA appointment.

TA without Student Contact

If the TA appointment does not involve student contact, the ITA assessment/orientation is not required. A non-student contact appointment must be specifically approved in writing by the faculty supervisor and the rate of pay is lower than a regular appointment and will not receive a tuition reimbursement for the department.

Additional requirements for Assistant Instructors

  • Must have a Master's degree or equivalent, and must have 18 hours of graduate credit.
  • Must have credit for 398T course plus one semester of employment as a Teaching Assistant. The requirement for 398T can be waived via a petition if student has one year of teaching experience at an accredited college or school verified by a letter of from former employer.

Benefits of Student Employment

Residency - In State Tuition

Non-resident students employed at UT with a student title, for 20 hours or more for a continuous period of 4.5 months or more, qualify for in-state tuition. These students also qualify for in-state tuition during the summer if appointed for 20 hours or more from the fourth class day through the last class day of any summer term.

Tuition Payment/Reimbursement
  • Payment/Reimbursement of the portion of tuition commensurate with the percent-time of the appointment (for more information contact the graduate coordinator); Fees are the responsibility of the student. The reimbursement paid to Graduate Research Assistants is up to their Faculty supervisor.
  • TAs/AIs must be prepared to pay tuition up-front to UT by the established deadline or risk having their registration automatically canceled.
  • For More information See the First Section of Each Semester's Course Schedule

The Way to Obtain Prior Payment by the Department

  • The student obtains approval of the appointment by the faculty supervisor .
  • The student removes all registration bars.
  • The student registers.
  • The faculty supervisor has verified official approval of department's tuition funds.
  • The student/faculty supervisor gives the Graduate Office ample time to process related documents.

Health Insurance

Students employed at UT at a classified or student title, for 20 hours or more for a continuous period of 4.5 months or more (defined as a 'regular' appointment), are eligible for employee health insurance.

If a regular appointment held through May 31 is disrupted in the summer (appointment is discontinued, reduced to less than 20 hours per week, or a break in service between appointments is incurred), insurance coverage is automatically dropped but student can elect to continue insurance by having the insurance premium for the summer months deducted from the May paycheck.

TA/AI Application and Award

  • Obtain application materials from Area Secretary. Complete application and return to Area Secretary.
  • If you are selected for a TA/AI appointment, you will be notified and provided by the area secretary with a packet of related forms to complete and there are directions attached telling what to do with each form. The I-9 and PO8 must be completed immediately; paychecks will be held by Payroll if these forms are not on file: The I-9 form (evidence of employment eligibility) must be completed and submitted to the Area Secretary. The PO8 form must be completed and submitted to the Payroll Office by you; this form is needed to establish income tax withholding and designate paycheck distribution.
  • Complete registration at the earliest registration period possible. Your appointment cannot be processed until your registration is completed and your tuition/fee bill is paid.
  • Be prepared to pay for your tuition up-front, and then be reimbursed by the department through Special Billing. If the department is able to pay your tuition prior to billing, your tuition/fee bill will indicate payment of the resident tuition commensurate with your percent-time appointment. If the department cannot pay your tuition prior to billing, you will receive a tuition reimbursement from the Special Billing Division; this reimbursement can take up to 4 weeks to receive. If you have not received your reimbursement within 4 weeks, contact the Graduate Office.
  • Meet with your faculty supervisor for the course for which you have been hired.
  • You will be paid on the first day of the month, for services rendered the previous month. Your paycheck will be distributed according to the information you provided to the Payroll Office in the PO8 form. Any questions regarding deductions to your gross salary, or paycheck discrepancies, should be addressed to Payroll Office, MAI 134 (telephone 471-5271).