Congratulations to Jose Parga for receiving the Cockrell School of Engineering one year fellowship in conjunction with an additional award per year for four years. Jose has started his graduate research in Manufacturing Execution Systems of plutonium-238 power systems developed at Los Alamos National Lab.

Congratulations to Ethan Moll who graduated from the Radiation Physics Option. He has accepted a post-baccalaureate position at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Ethan will be involved with modeling of criticality.

Congratulations to Shiloh Sanchez who received the Sandia National Lab Master’s Fellowship Program.  The MFP provides exceptional bachelor's-level minority candidates with the opportunity to receive fully funded Master of Science degrees. Successful applicants will become regular full-time Sandia employees and join their multidisciplinary R&D teams that are advancing the frontiers of science and technology to solve the world's greatest challenges. Shiloh who graduated with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics spent the summer in the Sandia National Lab at Livermore, California.

Dr. Landsberger led the Study Abroad Program in Concepts in Nuclear and Radiation Engineering at the University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy for nineteen Cockrell School of Engineering students. The course introduces many different aspects and applications of nuclear and radiation engineering/physics, such as the history of nuclear development, basic concepts of radiation and radioactivity, radioactive waste management, global warming, the impact of nuclear power plants, industrial applications, nuclear security, and nuclear medicine.  The laboratory exercises, a unique part of the course, offered students hands-on experience.  The picture also includes 3 students from other Italian institutions, the faculty members and teaching assistants from Universities of Texas and Ferrara.  

Congratulations to new MS graduate student Adam Drescher for receiving the prestigious Cockrell School of Engineering $9K fellowship per year for four years. This fellowship, above the monthly stipend, is offered to high achieving undergraduate students to attract the best graduate students to the various engineering departments.

Adam, is completing his BS degree from the Department of Physics at the University of Texas where he took the Radiation Physics Option - a series of six courses in nuclear and radiation engineering given in the Mechanical Engineering Department. He begins in spring 2016 and will continue his work in the characterization of lanthanum bromide detectors for gamma-gamma coincidence measurements.

Congratulations to recently graduated Dr. Kenny Dayman who has accpeted a Postdoctoral Research Associate  position in the Nuclear Forensics Research in the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Kenny’s dissertation  Determination of Independent and Cumulative Fission Product Yields with Gamma Spectrometry was performed under Dr. Biegalski.  Kenny follows in the footsteps of Dr. Roger Kapsimalis  (2013) who has a staff position at ONRL also in nuclear forensics investigations.

WoMEn on the Move

This past year has seen a significant number of women who have impacted the Nuclear and Radiation Engineering program at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Bonnie CanionBonnie Canion has accepted a postdoctoral position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the Nuclear Security Physics Group. Bonnie completed her dissertation at Oak Ridge National Laboratory with her dissertation in spring 2016 in “Incorporation of Photon Analysis into an Active Interrogation System for Shielded Uranium Characterization”




Urairisa (Birdy) Phathanapirom, PhD student,  is interning for seven months at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna in their Waste Technology Section within the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology. The team's goal is to share best practices on radioactive waste disposal with Member States.




Rachel MourneauRachel Mourneau, PhD student, is completing her dissertation work at Los Alamos National Lab. Her PhD research focuses on design modifications to nuclear reactors which increase their proliferation resistance by making their used fuel harder to use in a nuclear weapon."



Undergraduate student Emily Crowell-Stevens did an internship Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) based in upstate New York, is a world-class research and development facility dedicated to support of the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.  She has ben offerred a permanent position at the lab once she graduates in spring 2017.



Second year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students Kayla Kelley (right) and Camila Castro (left) were sponsored to attend the annual US Women in Nuclear (WIN) conference held in Charlotte, NC July 10-13, 2016. It is the premier network of more than 8,000 women and men who work in nuclear- and radiation-related fields around the country. Both Kayla and Camila are entering the Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Certificate program.



Congratulations to incoming MS student Christina Petlowany for being awarded the Cockrell School of Engineering Multiyear Stipend Fellowships. Christina who hails from Rice University in Houston in Mechanical Engineering is only one of 4 entering graduate students in all of the CSE to receive a twelve month award. In years 2-5 Christina will be supported by Nuclear and Applied Robotics with additional continued annual fellowship support.




Congratulations to Celeste Bergeron who graduated from the Radiation Physics Option. She has accepted a job offer from Harris Corporation as a Research Analyst. Celeste will mostly be working on contracts for the Department of Defense.




Congratulations to Ann Uribe who was accepted to the graduate program at the University of Texas at El Paso in Mechanical Engineering and the new Nuclear Engineering Option.  She will specialize in nuclear materials.  Ann graduated with a Nuclear Certificate in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Other Research Opportunities


Materials Engineering
The Materials Science and Engineering , MSE is a major technical area within the Mechanical Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin and there are close research collaborations in various research projects using the facilities at the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab. Visit Materials Engineering

Operations Research/Industrial Engineering
The Operations Research Group/Industrial Engineering (ORI), is a major technical area within the Mechanical Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin and there are close research collaborations in optimal decision making and the modeling of deterministic and probabilistic systems. Visit Operations Research/Industrial Engineering