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The RadLab at The University of Texas at Austin focuses on research using radiation and radioactivity to improve security and quality of life.

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The NETL reactor, designed by General Atomics, is a TRIGA Mark II nuclear research reactor. The NETL is the newest of the current fleet of U.S. university reactors.

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The Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group is an interdisciplinary research group whose mission is to develop and deploy advanced robotics in hazardous environments in order to minimize risk for the human operator.

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In funding for molten salt reactor development


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Research expenditures per tenured/tenure-track faculty in FY23


Dr. Landsberger Serves on the Department of Energy’s NEUP General Scientific Infrastructure Review Panel

Sheldon Landsberger

The invitation to serve on national and international review panels is significant to our program in terms of exposure to our faculty’s individual areas of expertise. In Fall 2023, Sheldon Landsberger served on the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Engineering University Program (NEUP) General Scientific Infrastructure Review Panel, as Chair of the European Partnership for Research in Radiation Protection and Detection of Ionizing Radiation including nuclear medicine, review panel and was invited to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Consultancy Meeting for the Disposal of Irradiated Graphite Waste from nuclear power plants.

Dr. Charlton Presents Certificate of Achievement to Lieutenant JunHyeon Jang

Dr. Charlton presents a certificate of achievement to Lieutenant JunHyeon Jang from the Republic of Korea Navy for his three-month practicum in nuclear engineering. Lt. Jang who was sponsored by the ROK Navy, studied basic and advanced concepts in nuclear engineering, health physics, and participated in research reactor experiments. 

Dr. David Dodoo-Amoo Donates for Scholarship

Dr. David Dodoo-Amoo

Dr. David Dodoo-Amoo donates $1000 for an undergraduate scholarship. David who graduated in 2002 from the NRE program is currently employed at Landauer radiation instrumentation as a medical physicist.

Derek Haas Helps NNSA Improve Nuclear Explosion Monitoring

Derek Haas

Derek Haas has taken the lead to produce Xe-127 at the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab to help NNSA improve nuclear explosion monitoring.

NNSA conducts experiment to improve U.S. ability to detect foreign nuclear explosions | Department of Energy 

UT NRE to Host the Prestigious 2025 Nuclear Critical Safety Division Topical Event

The University of Texas Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Program (UT NRE) is proud to announce that it will host the prestigious 2025 Nuclear Critical Safety Division Topical event. This gathering will bring together approximately 250 renowned scientists and engineers, who will showcase their groundbreaking research and insights in critical safety. The event's focus areas encompass a wide spectrum, including operational criticality safety, experimental criticality, nuclear data analysis, and the development of radiation transport codes. UT's American Nuclear Society chapter with its President Andres Fierro is dedicated to ensuring the success of this event. UT ANS is committed to facilitating a seamless experience for attendees. Our efforts will extend to organizing captivating facility tours, extending support to students participating in presentations, and orchestrating engaging activities within the vibrant city of Austin. We look forward to fostering an environment of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange during this significant event.