Doctoral Degrees awarded in last five years

Date Student Professor Title
Fall 2023 Adam Samia W. Charlton

In-Situ Pre-Concentration of Reactor-Produced Radionuclides Onto a Carbon Nanotube Adsorbent Via the Szilard-Chalmers Effect

Fall 2023 Marjolein Pasman D. Haas

The Development, Characterization and Implementation of a Fast Neutron Beam

Fall 2023 Conny Egozi S. Landsberger
W. Charlton
Characterization of 239Pu with Coincidence and Anticoincidence Methods
Spring 2023 Emily Gordon D. Haas Reducing the Uncertainty in 115mCd Gamma-Ray Branching Ratios
Fall 2022 Scott Snarr J. Beaman
D. Haas
Multiple-Material Selective Laser Melting Process Development: Advancements in the Deposition and Characterization of Multiple-Material Interfaces
Fall 2022 Matthew Horn S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Study on the Effects of Robot Behaviors and Their Interactions on Human Trust 
Summer 2022 Jay Prakash Joshi W. Charlton Research Reactor Used Fuel Burnup and Cooling-Time Verification Using an Underwater γ-γ Coincidence Technique
Spring 2022 Brian Collins D. Haas A Statistical Method for Attributing Plutonium Samples to a Reactor Type from Isotopic Data
Spring 2022 Matthew Webb W. Charlton Assessment of Monte Carlo N-Particle Variance Reduction Techniques for Small Solid Angle Neutron Transport
Fall 2021 Jose Rafael Parga S. Landsberger Quantification and Computational Modelling of Radiation Doses While Handling Neutron Activation Analysis Samples
Fall 2021  Cole Thompson W. Charlton Advancements to the Non-Destructive Evaluation of Strategic Components
Fall 2021 Francis J. Martinez S. Landsberger Digital Gamma-Gamma Coincidence Measurements for Neutron Activation Analysis 
Summer 2021  Brandon De Luna D. Haas  Developing the Framework for Measuring 500 keV Averaged Fission Product Yields using γ-γ Coincidence Spectroscopy
Spring 2021  David Broughton W. Charlton Adaptation of Neutron Safeguards Measurements for the Front-End of the Modern Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Fall 2020  Brian Epping S. Landsberger
M. Rapp
Measurement of Absolute Neutron Yields and Energy Spectra Using the RPI LINAC and Assessment of Evaluated Photoneutron Data for Tantalum 
Fall 2020  Neal Mann S. Landsberger
M. E. Webber
Technoeconomic Modeling of Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems
with Heat Storage 
Spring 2020 Cheryl Brabec S. Landsberger
R. Vaidya
Directional Neutron Surveys on a Semiautonomous Mobile Robot for a Radiological Vault
Spring 2020 Adam Allevato S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Combining Simulation with Real-World Data and Human Input Robot Learning in Human Environments
Spring 2020 Robert Anderson S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Development of Mobile Platform fro Inventory and Inspection Applications in Nuclear Environments
Fall 2019 Adam Drescher S. Landsberger
Ken Dayman
Leveraging Machine Learning Capabilities for the Characterization of Irradiated Uranium: A Case Study of Prediction Methods for Nuclear Safeguards and Nuclear Forensics
Spring 2019 Andrew Sharp S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Virtual Fixture Generation for Task Planning with Complex Geometries
Fall 2018 Urairisa Birdy Phathanapirom D. Haas and
B. Leibowicz
Autonomous Dynamic Decision Making in Fuel Cycle Simulators using a Game Theoretic Approach
Fall 2018 William Gurecky D. Haas A CFD-Informed Model for Improving Subchannel Resolution CRUD Predictions
Summer 2018 Eric Compher S. Landsberger Long-Term Low-Level Arctic Aerosol Trends, Analysis, and Climatological Correlations at Alert, Canada
Summer 2018 Rachel Morneau D. Haas Improved Understanding of the Nature of Photon Scatter at a High Energy Radiographic Imaging Facility
Spring 2018 Michael Yoho S. Landsberger
D. Porterfield
Advancements in Plutonium Radio-Nuclear Counting

Masters Degrees awarded in last five years

Date Student Professor Title
Spring 2023 Kevin Smith S. Landsberger Angular Correlation of Gamma-Gamma Coincidence Measurements for Neutron Activation Analysis
Fall 2022 Margaret Arno W. Charlton Safeguards System Considerations for Liquid-Fueled Liquid-Cooled Molten Salt Reactors
Fall 2022 Bradley Gladden D. Haas Survey of Additive Manufacturing Signatures for the Prevention of Nuclear Proliferation
Fall 2022 Kris Hyatt S. Landsberger
D. Fuehne
Flanged Tritium Waste Containers Operational Concerns: How to Address the Issues Through the Venting Design
Fall 2022 Julia Edelbrock S. Landsberger
A. Castro
The Potential of Using a Portable Atomic Beam Laser Spectrometer in the Field in a Post Nuclear Detonation Event
Fall 2022 Thomas Valentine S. Landsberger A Neutron Activated Sample Activity and Dose Rate Calculator
Summer 2022 Mihir Pai D. Haas Conceptual Design of an MSRR Grid Support
Spring 2022 Dalton Kesler M. Pryor
S. Landsberger
Assessment of a Velocity-Based Robot Motion Planner for Surface Preparation with Geometric Uncertainty
Spring 2022 Shelby Hobohm W. Charlton Characterization of the Epithermal Pneumatic Tube (EPNT) and Beam
Port 1-5 at The University of Texas at Austin
Spring 2022 Steven Shen D. Haas Lithium Isotopic Ratio Analysis of Lithium Aluminate Ceramics in Tritium Producing Burnable Absorber Rods (TPBAR) by Laser Ablation Multicollector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-MC-ICP-MS)
Spring 2022 William Wieprecht W. Charlton Capacitance Sensors for the Detection of Uranium Dioxide Precipitation
in Fluoride-based Molten Salt Reactors
Spring 2022 Dylan Wray K. Clarno Calculation of the Effectiveness of Non-Hydrogenous Constituents in Hydrogenous Moderators
Fall 2021 Joseph Perrotto K. Clarno Calculation of the Effectiveness of Non-Hydrogenous Constituents in Hydrogenous Moderators
Fall 2021 Andy Zen D. Haas Investigation of the Formation of Volatile Fission Products Using Furnace and Gamma Detectors
Fall 2021 Carson McNair D. Haas A Feasibility Study and Design of a Dual Hot Plate and Ventilation System for Use in a Shielded Hot Cell
Summer 2021 Patrick Snarr J. Beaman
D. Haas
Investigation of Thermally Induced Phase Separation Process Parameters for Indirect Selective Laser Sintering Composite Powder Synthesis
Summer 2021 Mark Armijo K. Clarno Research on the Structural Integrity of a Uranium-Boron-Cadmium Converter
Spring 2021 Upayan Mathkari K. Clarno Prototyping a Digital Twin: Using Novel Machine Learning and Simulation to Forecast Accident Response in a Molten Salt Reactor
Spring 2021 Ryan Lester D. Haas Development of a Cryogenic Tracer Irradiation Facility
Spring 2021 Mark Jennings S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Manipulator Control in Collaborative Assembly
Spring 2021 Adrian A. Abeyta S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Self Exploration and Mapping for Indoor Robotic Applications
Spring 2021 Selma L. Wanna S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Creating a Low Resource Semantic Parser for the Unified
Meaning Representation Format
Fall 2020 Cade Borque K. Clarno
B. Leibowicz
Production Through Simulation: Using Simulation Technologies to Create and Evaluate Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility Designs
Fall 2020 Clarice Phelps S. Landsberger
K. Myhre
In-Situ Characterization of Lanthanide Electrodepositions
Summer 2020 Annie Ung William Charlton An Evaluation of Quantification of Margins and Uncertainties for a Neutron Radiography Application
Summer 2020 Ethan Moll S. Landsberger
C. Liebman
Ion Beam Deflection and Ion Source Heat Modeling for the Advancement of Electromagnetic Isotope Separation
Spring 2020 Kevin Tobias W. Charlton Spent Fuel Interim Storage Facility Concept
Spring 2020 J. Kowalczyk D. Haas Radioxenon Emission Abatement System for Molten Salt Research Reactor’s Impact in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
Spring 2020 P. Gulabrao K. Clarno Buildup with Bremsstrahlung in the Martian Atmosphere
Spring 2020 K. McLaughlin S. Landsberger
W. Charlton
Modeling Capture Rate Changes as a Function of Hydrogen Content on Epithermal Neutron Activation Analysis Using an Absorbent Polymer
Fall 2019 Michael Pierce William Charlton An Easier Way to a Harder Spectrum: Generating a Fast Neutron Flux Spectrum in a Mark II TRIGA Reactor Using a Uranium-Boron-Cadmium Converter
Fall 2019 Isaac Kravitz S. Landsberger Determination of Neutron Absorption Self-Shielding Factors for Lanthanide Elements During Neutron Activation Analysis
Fall 2019 Hughie Quan Derek Haas
Michael Haberman
Feasibility Study of Seismoacoustic and Neutron Activation Methods for Improved Detection of Minimum-Metal, Anti-Personnel Land Mines
Summer 2019 Brandon De Luna D. Haas Design of an In-core Fission Spectrum Neutron Irradiation Facility with Pneumatic Sample Transfer at a Research Reactor
Spring 2019 Lucas Gallegos S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Demonstration and Comparative Analysis of Haptic Performance using a Gough-Stewart Platform as a Wearable Haptic Feedback Device
Spring 2019 Adam Pettinger S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Development of an Elastic and Compliant Manipulator to Perform Contact Tasks in Hazardous and Uncertain Environments
Spring 2019 Christopher Suarez S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
A 3D Obstacle Detection System for a Complex Mobile Robot in a Hazardous Underground Tunnel Environment
Spring 2019 Conor McMahon S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Perception Pipeline for Remote Tunnel Inspection Rover
Spring 2019 Christina Petlowany S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Task-Trajectory Analysis Package in the Robot Operating System
Fall 2018 Meredith Leeann Pitsch M. Pryor and
S. Landsberger
Spatio-temporal Map Maintenance for Extending Autonomy in Long-term Mobile Robotic Tasks
Spring 2018 Mikaela Blood D. Haas A Method for Measuring Radioxenon Emanation with Cryotrapping and Gamma Spectroscopy
Spring 2018 Daniel Barron D. Haas Design, Construction, and Characterization of a Fast Neutron Beam Port Facility at The University Of Texas At Austin TRIGA Reactor
Spring 2018 Matthew Stokley D. Haas Development of an In-Core Neutron Monitoring System and Characterization of the University of Texas at Austin TRIGA Reactor Steady-State Neutron Flux Variations for use with Neutron Activation Analysis

Masters Reports in last five years

Date Student Professor Title
Spring 2021 Samantha Lumpkin D. Haas Transport of Nobel Gases Under Pressure in Geological Materials
Spring 2018 Edwin Paredes S. Landsberger
M. Pryor
Simplifying Peripheral Integration in ROS for Manufacturing