The Career Gateway Electives Program is an opportunity for in-depth study and research in an area of mechanical engineering. In the future, the demand for nuclear and radiation engineers is expected to encompass many new areas and technologies. Consequently, the Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Career Gateway Electives Program can expect to allow students to enter a wide choice of challenging and rewarding career opportunities and prepare them to work on a variety of diverse problems in industry or graduate school.

Students must apply for admission to the certificate program during the junior year; they must have completed all basic sequence courses with a grade of at least C in each and must have been admitted unconditionally to the major sequence in mechanical engineering. Students admitted to the program must complete twelve hours of coursework in nuclear courses.  Students  choose four courses from a set of three-hour lecture courses. The lecture courses must be taken for a letter grade. In addition, students may substitute for a three-credit-hour research course under the supervision of a faculty member. In some cases, the coursework may include a graduate course. In most cases, the graduate course may be reserved for credit toward a ME BSc master’s degree or be part of the BSME/MSE integrated program (

Approved Course Work (ME 3367P and three others)

ME 336P Concepts in Nuclear/Radiation Engineering

ME 337C Introduction to Nuclear Power Systems

ME 337F Radiation and Radiation Protection

ME 337G Nuclear Safety and Security

ME 361E Nuclear Reactor Engineering

ME 361F Radiation and Radiation Protection Laboratory

ME 377K Projects in Mechanical Engineering (with approval of professor)

ME 336P must be taken first or concurrently with ME 337C. It is suggested that undergraduate students also take PHY 355 Modern Physics and Thermodynamics as the Natural Science elective.

Department of Physics: Radiation Physics Option III

This option is designed to provide the necessary foundation for the undergraduate student who plans a career or further study in nuclear engineering, radiation engineering, or medical/health physics. Courses include eighteen semester hours of upper-division coursework consisting of Mechanical Engineering 336P, 337C, 337F, 337G, 361E, and 361F.