The Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory is an innovative facility with unique capabilities. Services provided by the NETL are available to researchers and clients both within and outside The University of Texas at Austin including international clients. Services include education and training, nuclear and radiation related research, nuclear analytical services, radioisotope production, and specialized technical services. With the varied areas of specialty of NETL staff, NETL welcomes all nuclear and radiation related inquiries.

Nuclear and Radiation Research

NETL research areas are typically related to nuclear forensics but also include robotics applications along with other areas.

Nuclear Analytical Research and Services

Trace element analysis using neutron activation analysis and prompt gamma activation analysis. Measuring distribution of elements in material using neutron depth profiling. Imaging materials with neutron radiography.

Radioisotope Production

The NETL can produce a variety of radioisotopes for use in research, nuclear medicine, and industrial processes.

Technical Services

The NETL staff have a variety of areas of specialty to aid in design and development of experiments, processes, and products.